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Shipping is effected on 2 days of the week: Wednesdays and Saturdays. Payments received for goods till late Tuesday or late Friday are shipped out on the next day. Express Mail shipments are made on the very next working day.


1. Registered Air Mail: This delivers in 2-4 weeks anywhere in the world. If, in a rare instance it is delayed beyond this time frame, and the package cannot be tracked, after a grace period of 1 week, a refund is issued. If the package can be tracked but delayed in recipient's country (which happens in a rare case for additional checks and security), an additional grace period may be required which will mutually be agreed with the recipient. All packages have a tracking number, but can be tracked only on the recipient country's postal website.

Tracking on any website is prone to glitches and errors. Some websites such as USPS post misleading messages which confuse buyers (We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.) This message is dated at least 3-4 days after dispatch and can be seen for weeks at times. Other websites, such as Israel post, Canada Post, Norway post, etc (and including USPS) may sometimes not log the article on their website right until it is delivered. These, and other erratic behaviors result in confusion to the buyer. We request buyers to ask for tracking number only after the stipulated 4 weeks have passed since shipment.
Express Mail parcels usually are treated better and tracking for them is not such a problem, resulting in less confusion.

2. Express Mail Service: This delivers within 10-12 working days anywhere in the world.
This has a tracking number and can be tracked right from the day of shipment.
Charges start at $18.00 to USA for the first 250 grams.

Both services are 100% reliable. (Not one lost parcel in the last few years!!)


- Your goods are insured against loss or damage and a full refund is issued in any eventuality. We do not rely on our carriers or any insurance agency to delay or reject a claim: we back our goods 100% ourselves and settle all claims within 5-7 weeks of dispatch.

- You can return the goods within 1 week of receipt for a full refund.

Worldwide Postal Charges for Registered Air Mail
100 5.00
200 7.00
300 9.00
400 11.00
500 13.00
600 15.00
700 17.00
800 19.00
900 21.00
1000 23.00

Worldwide Postal Charges for Express Mail Service

250 18.00 18.00 25.00
500 22.00 22.00 28.00
750 26.00 26.00 31.00
1000 30.00 30.00 34.00
1250 34.00 34.00 37.00
1500 38.00 38.00 40.00


About Us:

From being collectors of stones for many years, we listed some inventory on
eBay in 2001 and never looked back.
Later, we decided to set our own pace and started operating though our website alone.
We hope to give the same, if not better service which we did while on other websites.

Trust Seal

You can trust us for 100% safe and secure shopping, timely delivery and quality
of goods with 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.

Because we have one of the longest experience in selling online and know what
international customer service is all about. Learnt from our own experience
resulting in thousands of positives on eBay, etsy, etc.

We have tried and trusted methods which have evolved over a period of time to
insulate against many unforeseen developments, and if they occur, better
prepared to take corrective measures.

Shopping with us is SAFE!

* We accept PayPal, which offers comprehensive inbuilt security to buyers.
With the transaction taking place through their servers, you are assured of 128
bit encrypted SSL security, and share none of the information with us. You also get
covered under their extensive buyer protection program which makes the
transaction (online) and the purchase (physical) 100% safe.

* Our website is hosted by yahoo business and therefore, is secure to the high
level expected of yahoo servers.

Since you are constantly on either Yahoo or PayPal servers, your surfing and
shopping is completely safe from snooping or virus laden robots.
You therefore, get a safe environment to shop in.

* Our domain name is searchable with our details.

* You can also call us anytime on the number provided with our address.

*You can ask us anytime for such details as mentioned above for verification.

Additional Information for our Buyers

Please send us an email for any queries

An email is sent after every purchase, to all buyers when a payment is made,
with details of delivery and our returns policy. If you do not receive this
email, please let us know. Your package will be shipped out on schedule.
(within 2 days from receipt of payment)

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